Terry Jacks

RPM reported that Terry Jacks single "Seasons In the Sun" had world sales in excess of 11 million units with 500,000 units in Canada. The song won the Juno Award for Best Single of the Year in 1974 and 1975. By 1983, the single remained Canada's best-selling single ever.

In May 1983 RPM reported that Jacks signed a long-term contract with A&M Records Canada. The promotional copies of his first single were incorrectly titled "You Fooled Me." The "ed" was inked out by hand.


The Title's Important. RPM, June 4, 1983.

Recording Years / Label
1973-1974 -  Goldfish Records
1982-1985 -  A&M Records Canada
1987 -  Attic Records
guitar, vocals
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