Final Straw - Snow Patrol

Stock Number
602498 663233
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2002-5 -3
Recording Notes
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 How to Be Dead 00:03:22
2 Wow 00:04:02
3 Gleaming Auction 00:02:03
4 Whatever's Left 00:02:39
5 Spitting Games 00:03:46
6 Chocolate 00:03:02
7 Run 00:05:54
8 Grazed Knees 00:02:55
9 Ways & Means 00:04:47
10 Tiny Little Fractures 00:02:28
11 Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking 00:04:32
12 Same 00:03:55
Credit Sort descending Role
Alison Dodds violin
Alison Dods violin
Ben Georgiades engineer
Bruce White viola
Chris Lord-Alge mix
Dan Swift engineer
Drew Jarrett photography
Fiona McCapra violin
Garret Lee mix
Garret Lee producer
Garret Lee programming
Gary Lightbody background vocal
Gary Lightbody glockenspiel
Gary Lightbody guitar
Gary Lightbody keyboards
Gary Lightbody vocal
Iain Archer background vocal
James Banbury arranger
James Banbury cello
James Banbury piano
James Banbury string arrangement
Jeff McLaughlin assistant engineer
Jonny Quinn drums
Louie Teran mastering
Louis Tenan mastering
Lucas Purdy illustration
Mark McClelland bass
Mark McClelland keyboards
Milk art direction
Nathan Connolly background vocal
Nathan Connolly guitar
Stephen Marcussen mastering

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