Live On I-5 - Soundgarden

Stock Number
602527 621029
A&M Records
United States
CD album, eAlbum.
Released: 2011-3 -22
Recording Notes
Clean. CD deleted 4/30/2012
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Spoonman 00:04:22
2 Searching With My Good Eye Closed 00:04:13
3 Let Me Drown 00:04:10
4 Head Down 00:06:25
5 Outshined 00:05:13
6 Rusty Cage 00:04:39
7 Burden In My Hand 00:05:02
8 Helter Skelter 00:02:10
9 Boot Camp 00:03:16
10 Nothing to Say 00:04:25
11 Slaves & Bulldozers 00:09:15
12 Dusty 00:04:33
13 Fell On Black Days 00:04:55
14 Search and Destroy 00:03:10
15 Ty Cobb 00:02:42
16 Black Hole Sun 00:03:01
17 Jesus Christ Pose 00:06:24
Credit Sort descending Role
Adam Kasper engineer
Adam Kasper liner notes
Adam Kasper mix
Adam Starr product manager
Ben Shepherd bass
Bob Ludwig mastering
Chris Cornell guitar
Chris Cornell vocal
Chris Rahm assistant engineer
Emily Cagan product manager
Josh Graham artwork
Josh Graham design
Kevin Westenberg photography
Kim Thayil guitar
Kim Thayil liner notes
Kim Thayil recording supervisor
Matt Cameron drums
Matt Cameron recording supervisor
Nathan Yaccino engineer
Ryan Null coordination
Sam Hofstedt engineer
Shannon Steckloff production manager
Soundgarden arranger

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