Sounds of Blackness Compilation Releases

There are 43 compilation releases for Sounds of Blackness. Click the links for the general discography then click the stock number link for detailed information including tracks and personnel credits.

1997 In-Store Play Christmas Sampler

A&M Gospel 3

A&M Monthly Selections/Our Lady Of the Industry

A&M Records Christmas Sampler

A&M Records Convention Relief

A&M Records Gospel 2

A&M Summer Assoulation



Finally Dance A&M Urban All Stars

I Think Therefore I A&M

In House Music Volume One

In-House Music Volume 1

In: House Music Volume One

Into '98

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Present Music From a Quiet Perspective

Let the Four Winds Blow Volume 1

More Strictly Bass Three

Perspective Records Remix Sampler Volume 1

Radio Sampler Vol. 3

Radio Sampler Volume 11 October 21, 1991

Spring Is In the Air

The Summer Soundtrack

This Music Knows What Month It Is

Urban Renewal Sampler