Mo' Money - Soundtrack

Stock Number
28968 100426
Perspective Records
CD album.
Released: 1992-6 -23
Recording Notes
Deleted 2/12/2004
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
17 The New Style 00:04:15
3 The Best Things in Life Are Free 00:04:36
20 My Dreams Need Detail 00:00:09
21 My Dear 00:05:09
13 Money Can't Buy You Love 00:06:00
1 Mo' Money Groove 00:05:44
7 Let's Just Run Away 00:05:10
15 Let's Get Together (So Groovy Now) 00:05:03
5 Ice Cream Dream 00:04:24
18 I Think I Mighta Gotta Job 00:00:12
9 I Adore You 00:04:44
14 Hi Johnny Baby 00:00:07
4 Gimme My 2 Dollars 00:00:16
10 Get Off My Back 00:04:52
12 Fun and Games With the Mail Boy 00:00:13
11 Forever Love 00:05:11
2 For You? Free 00:00:10
8 Don't Throw That Away 00:00:20
23 Brother Will 00:04:23
22 Big Time 00:00:06
6 Amber, Let's Go 00:00:18
16 A Sister Just Like Her 00:00:14
19 A Job Ain't Nuthin' But Work 00:05:03
Credit Sort ascending Role
Terry Lewis executive producer
Terry Lewis keyboards
Terry Lewis producer
Steve Hodge mix
Ronnie DeVoe
Richard Frankel art direction
Ralph Tresvant
Prof T keyboards
Prof T producer
Paul Logus mix
Michael Bivins
Lo-Key? vocal
Lance Alexander keyboards
Lance Alexander producer
Krush vocal
Johnny Gill vocal
Jimmy Jam executive producer
Jimmy Jam keyboards
Jimmy Jam producer
Jellybean Johnson producer
Gary Rinaldo producer
Dave Rideau mix
Brian Johnson design
Brian Gardner mastering
Bret Lopez photography
Bomb Squad producer
Ann Nesby vocal

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