Kingpin - Soundtrack

Stock Number
31454 0563
A&M Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 1996-6 -18
Recording Notes
Picture sleeve. Sticker. Deleted 9/27/2007
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 She Came On 00:03:12
2 But Anyway 00:02:59
3 Save It For Later 00:03:35
4 Superman 00:02:57
5 Ooh La La 00:03:58
6 Disco Inferno 00:03:35
7 Surely (I Love You) 00:03:40
8 Miss Fabulous 00:04:08
9 Soon Enough 00:04:39
10 This Perfect World 00:04:34
11 I Saw the Light 00:02:59
12 We Should Always Be Together 00:03:29
Credit Sort descending Role
Billy Goodrum producer
Bob Sargeant engineer
Bob Sargeant mix
Bob Sargeant producer
Bobby Farrelly executive producer
Butch Vig mix
Butch Vig producer
Chris Johnson engineer
Chris Kimsey engineer
Chris Kimsey mix
Chris Kimsey producer
Command A Studios, Inc. art direction
Command A Studios, Inc. design
David Schackney mix
Doug Erickson mix
English Beat engineer
English Beat mix
English Beat producer
Gavin Guss producer
Happy Walters executive producer
James Lowe engineer
Jay Rifkin mix
Jay Rifkin producer
Jeff Jippay engineer
John Feldman mix
John Feldman producer
John Siket engineer
John Siket mix
Jonathan McHugh executive producer
Josh Clayton-Felt producer
Justin Niebank engineer
Justin Niebank mix
Justin Niebank producer
Martin Feveyear engineer
Martin Feveyear mix
Martin Feveyear producer
Matt Wallace executive producer
Michael Barbiero engineer
Michael Barbiero mix
Michael Barbiero producer
Mike Fossenkemper engineer
Peter Farrelly executive producer
Richard Baron engineer
Richard Baron mix
Ron Kersey arranger
Ron Kersey producer
Sugarless producer
Super Deluxe producer
Tom Moulton remix
Tony Phillips co-producer
Tony Phillips engineer
Tony Phillips mix

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