Squeeze Discography

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20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

6 Squeeze Songs Crammed Into One Ten-Inch Record

853-5937 (the Telephone Song)

853-5937 (the Telephone Song)/Take Me I'm Yours

853-5937 (the Telephone Song)/Tough Love

853-5937853-5937 (the Telephone Song)/Take Me I'm Yours

Annie Get Your Gun/Cool For Cats

Annie Get Your Gun/Spanish Guitar

Another Nail In My Heart

Another Nail In My Heart/Going Crazy

Another Nail In My Heart/Going Crazy/What the Butler Saw

Another Nail In My Heart/Pretty Thing


Babylon and On

Babylon and On/East Side Story

Bang Bang/All Fed Up

Big Squeeze the Very Best of Squeeze

Big Squeeze--the Best Of Squeeze

Black Coffee In Bed

Black Coffee In Bed/The Hurt

By Your Side/Fortnight Saga

Change Is Gonna Come

Christmas Day/Going Crazy

Classics Collection Vol. 25

Cool For Cats

Cool For Cats/Model

Cool For Cats/The Knack

Cool For Cats/Trust Me to Open My Mouth

Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti

East Side Story

East Side Story Radio Sampler

Electric Trains

Electric Trains/Cracker Jack/Fighting For Peace/Cold Shoulder

Electric Trains/Some Fantastic Place/It's Over/Hourglass

Europe Tour '80

Everything In the World

Excess Moderation

Farfisa Beat/Here Comes That Feeling


Footprints/Black Coffee In Bed

Footprints/Striking Matches

Footprints/Striking Matches/In Today's Room

For Promotion Only


Goodbye Girl/Saints Alive

Goodbye Girl/Slightly Drunk

Greatest Hits

Heartbreaking World/Big Beng

Heartbreaking World/Big Beng/Tempted/By Your Side

Heaven Knows/Goodbye Girl/Labelled With Love/Is That Love

Heaven Knows/Take Me I'm Yours/Annie Get Your Gun/Slap and Tickle

Heaven Knows/Tempted/Walk Away/Some Fantastic Place

Hits Of the Year

Hits Of the Year/By Your Side/Last Time Forever

Hits Of the Year/Fortnight Saga


Hourglass/Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)

Hourglass/Splitting Into Three/Wedding Bells

Hourglass/Wedding Bells