Babylon and On - Squeeze

Stock Number
D32Y 3191
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1987-11 -21
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Hourglass 00:03:20
2 Footprints 00:03:45
3 Tough Love 00:03:05
4 The Prisoner 00:04:16
5 853-5837 00:03:21
6 In Today's Room 00:03:28
7 Trust Me to Open My Mouth 00:03:13
8 Striking Matches 00:03:03
9 Cigarette Of a Single Man 00:03:32
10 Who Are You? 00:03:31
11 The Waiting Game 00:03:07
12 Some Americans 00:04:31
Credit Sort descending Role
Andy Metcalfe horns
Andy Metcalfe keyboards
Andy Metcalfe synclavier
Chris Difford guitar
Chris Difford vocal
Del Newman conductor
Del Newman string arrangement
Eric Thorngren arranger
Eric Thorngren engineer
Eric Thorngren mix
Femi Jiya engineer
Gary Wright technician
Gilson Lavis drums
Gilson Lavis percussion
Glenn Tilbrook guitar
Glenn Tilbrook horns
Glenn Tilbrook keyboards
Glenn Tilbrook sitar
Glenn Tilbrook vocal
Jack Skinner mastering
John Lee technician
Jools Holland organ
Keith Wilkinson bass
Keith Wilkinson vocal
Lance Phillips technician
Mike Sheerin vocal
Monique Dyan vocal
Nels photography
Pam Baker vocal
Roger Dobson technician
Spencer Henderson technician
Squeeze arranger
Steve Williams technician
Stewart Dunning vocal
Stylorouge design
Tom Wolk accordion

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