Cool For Cats - Squeeze

Stock Number
602527 178820 B
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2009-9 -18
Recording Notes
Chorus. Deleted 2/20/2019
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Cool For Cats 00:00:07
2 Cool For Cats 00:00:10
3 Cool For Cats 00:00:13
4 Cool For Cats 00:00:20
5 Cool For Cats 00:00:30
6 Cool For Cats 00:00:45
7 Cool For Cats 00:01:00
8 Cool For Cats 00:01:30
9 Cool For Cats 00:02:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Andrew Lumm engineer
Brian Humphreys engineer
Chris Difford guitar
Chris Difford vocal
Geoff Halpin design
Gilson Lavis drums
Glenn Tilbrook guitar
Glenn Tilbrook keyboards
Glenn Tilbrook vocal
John Bentley bass
John Wood arranger
John Wood producer
Jools Holland keyboards
Michael Ross art direction
Mike Laye photography
Squeeze arranger
Squeeze producer
X3 design

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