Strawbs TV Show Appearances

Strawbs made 31 guest appearances on television programs around the world. You can sort the table by the name of the television show, the date it aired or by country.

TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Cue the Music 1993-6-28
Midnight Special 1975-9-5 Lemon Pie/Life Auction
Young Music Show 1975-5-16
Old Grey Whistle Test 1975-1-31
Rock on with 45 1974-5-25 Hero and Heroine
Rock on with 45 1974-5-16
Old Grey Whistle Test 1974-4-10
Midnight Special 1974-3-15 Hero and Heroine/Round and Round
Top Of the Pops 1973-1-25 Part of the Union
Top Of the Pops 1973-9-27 Shine On Silver Sun
Get to Know 1973-5-3
Disco 1973-4-28 Part of the Union
Eddy Ready Go 1973-3-14 Part of the Union
Top Of the Pops 1973-3-1 Part of the Union
Top Of the Pops 1973-2-8 Part of the Union
Old Grey Whistle Test 1973-2-2
Popzien 1972-12-22 Lay Down
Top Of the Pops 1972-12-14
Top Of the Pops 1972-11-30 Lay Down
Top Of the Pops 1972-11-23 Lay Down
Top Of the Pops 1972-11-16 Lay Down
Popzien 1972-6-3 Tomorrow/Grave New World
Old Grey Whistle Test 1972-2-22
Top Of the Pops 1971-7-1 The Hangman and the Papist
Midweek 1971-2-3 Song of a Sad Little Girl/Fingertips/Where Is This Dream
Disco 2 GB 1970-9-19
Disco 2 GB 1970-2-21
Colour Me Pop 1969-6-14
Once More with Felix 1969-2-22
Colour Me Pop 1968-6-14
Time For Blackburn 1968-7-20