Thelonious Monk Septet

Recording Years / Label
Name Member Years Instruments
Thelonious Monk 1983 piano
Gigi Gryce alto sax
Wilbur Ware bass
Art Blakey drums
Coleman Hawkins tenor sax
John Coltrane tenor sax
Ray Copeland trumpet
Name Birth Death
Thelonious Monk 1917-10-10 1982-02-17
Gigi Gryce 1925-11-28 1983-03-14
Wilbur Ware 1923-09-08 1979-09-09
Art Blakey 1919-10-11 1990-10-16
Coleman Hawkins 1904-11-21 1969-05-19
John Coltrane 1926-09-23 1967-07-17
Ray Copeland 1926-07-17 1984-05-18

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