Family Tree - Tom Chapin

Stock Number
75029 0402
A&M Childrens Records
United States
cassette album.
Released: 1990
Recording Notes
Longbox cassette reissue of SP 0402.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 The Parade Came Marching 00:02:48
2 The Nick Of Time 00:02:55
3 Rounds 00:01:27
4 Shoveling 00:03:33
5 A Long Way Home 00:02:36
6 Big Rock Candy Mountain 00:02:15
7 Someone's Gonna Use It 00:02:43
8 Family Tree 00:03:06
9 This Pretty Planet 00:02:05
10 Plenty Of Room 00:03:40
11 Don't Make Me 00:01:46
12 Uh Oh, Accident 00:02:00
13 Blanketville 00:02:44
14 Together Tomorrow 00:02:15
Credit Sort descending Role
Abigail Chapin vocal
Allison Collins photography
Amanda Broomfield vocal
Don Brooks harmonica
Don Payne bass
Emily Agress vocal
John Forster melodica
John Forster piano
John Forster producer
Jon Cobert piano
Jon Cobert synthesizer
Judy Collins vocal
Lily Chapin vocal
Michael Mark vocal
Nancy Brown photography
Neil Jason bass
Richard Crooks drums
Russell Horton vocal
Stephen Chapin bass
Stephen Chapin vocal
Susan Reed cover art
Tom Chapin banjo
Tom Chapin guitar
Tom Chapin producer
Tom Chapin vocal
Victoria Forster vocal

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