Together - Tommy Flanagan & Kenny Barron

Stock Number
81757 7263
CD 77283
Denon Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 1991
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
6 The Way You Look Tonight 00:07:12
3 Stella by Starlight 00:05:54
2 If I Should Lose You 00:08:05
4 I Can't Get Started 00:06:21
1 Dig 00:04:34
5 Darn That Dream 00:05:31
Credit Sort ascending Role
Yoshio Ozawa producer
Tsutomu Ueno producer
Tommy Flanagan piano
Sign artwork
Shingo Satoh photography
Satoshi Saitoh artwork
Phil Faraci assistant engineer
Norio Okada recording supervisor
Kenny Barron piano
Jim McCurdy engineer
Fukase photography

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