Majestic Warriors - Wailers Band

Stock Number
Tabu Records
CD album.
Released: 1991-10 -14
Credit Sort descending Role
Alvin Patterson percussion
Ancel Edwards engineer
Andrew McIntyre bass
Andrew McIntyre vocal
Aston Barrett bass
Aston Barrett guitar
Aston Barrett horn arrangement
Aston Barrett keyboards
Aston Barrett producer
Brian Gardner mastering
Carlton Barrett drums
Chico Chin flugelhorn
Chico Chin trumpet
Clarence Avant executive producer
Colin York engineer
David Madden trumpet
David Rowe engineer
Dean Frazer alto sax
Earl Fitzsimmonds background vocal
Earl Fitzsimmonds horn arrangement
Earl Fitzsimmonds keyboards
Earl Lindo organ
Earl Lindo synthesizer
Ed Michaux background vocal
Glen DeCosta tenor sax
Gordon Mack engineer
Gordon Mack producer
Irving Jarrett background vocal
Irving Jarrett percussion
Irving Jarrett vocal
Junior Marvin background vocal
Junior Marvin guitar
Junior Marvin horn arrangement
Junior Marvin keyboards
Junior Marvin producer
Junior Marvin vocal
Karl Toppin engineer
Lynford Marshall engineer
Mickey Richards drums
Mikey Riley engineer
Richard Taylor engineer
Rob Verheij design
Ronald Robinson trombone
Wailers producer

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