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"[I hope Cypress Records will appeal] to the 25 to 45 year old consumers who are not traditional record buyers. [Cypress] is an extension of the New Age music market. Its target consumers are the people who are now buying CDs and these are artists who these people grew up with and can relate to. They represent a string positive image for this audience."--Craig Sussman in RPM October 25, 1986

Cypress Records was a division of Cypress Entertainment, Inc. headquartered at 1523 Crossroads of the World, Los Angeles, California. Founded by Craig Sussman and Ted Cohen in 1986, the record label advertised itself as "committed to exposing music of passion and intelligence to a rapidly growing audience of mature record buyers."

Cypress recorded, mixed and masters its original recordings on a Sony PCM3324.

Cypress albums, cassettes and compact discs were manufactured and distributed by A&M Records from 1987 through 1992. When Cypress came to A&M, it brought artists Jennifer Warnes, Tim Weisberg and Kenny Rankin and their earlier Cypress albums. A total of 28 albums were released. Vinyl albums featured custom liners.

In 1989, Cypress Records albums and cassettes were priced at $8.98 while compact discs had no set price. Cypress offered a limited edition CD sampler, Critics Choice II through a magazine offer. The CD featured ten tracks by six Cypress artists. Only 2,500 copies of the CD were printed and were given away on a first come, first serve basis.


1991 14166 0100 $9.98 $13.98 - 15.98
1992 14166 0100
14166 6400
$13.98 - 15.98


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