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Founded by George Winston in 1983, Dancing Cat Records was an affiliate of Windham Hill Records in 1984 and 1985. All Windham Hill recordings were manufactured and distributed by A&M Records. During Dancing Cat's association with Windham Hill and A&M, it produced 11 albums and released eight of them. Each album was released on vinyl and cassette. The only original albums converted to compact disc wereMichael Lorimer's Rememberanza and >Meryl Streep and George Winston's The Velveteen Rabbit.

During the label's early years, it promoted George Winston's work. As it grew, Winston personally signed artists who had influenced his music. An album liner said, "Dancing Cat will issue music of several genres, including various styles of solo piano and solo guitar, rhythm and blues and vocalists." In 1988, Winston expanded Dancing Cat's view to include musical traditions, primarily slack key guitar, that impressed him.

Dancing Cat Records is part of Dancing Cat Productions, a complete production company that offers artist and concert production capabilities.

Dancing Cat Productions first used the word mark "Dancing Cat" on September 6, 1984. It filed trademark registration on December 21, 1984 and received registration on July 9, 1985.

In 1986, Meryl Streep and George Winston teamed to create a children's album The Velveteen Rabbit that became the best selling children's record of the year.

The label still operates and remains faithful to its catalog and its commitment to quality record production. Dancing Cat is a leader in the documentation, preservation and education of traditional musical stylings.

Official website: Dancing Cat Records
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