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"I met Osman Erlap, the MD of A&M Records, and decided to do a deal with them.

He gave me this creative freedom and made me feel anything was possible. 

I want to break artists outside of a niche market without in-your-face commercialism and retain every ounce of integrity." 
--James Lavelle, The Independent June 11, 1998

British label Mo' Wax Recordings was founded in 1992 as a hip-hop label and it pioneered trip-hop. Founded by James Lavelle then co-owned by Lavelle and Steve Finan. Mo' Wax was distributed by A&M Records, Ltd. worldwide, except in the United States, from 1995 until February 1999. When A&M was merged into Universal Music Group starting in November 1998, Mo' Wax artists were transitioned to Univeral.

The album Psyence Fiction by the band U.N.K.L.E. was the only one to receive a gold record certification during the distribution agreement with A&M Records.

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