22 x 11 4 12x12 A&M's New Release

Stock Number
SP 17018
SP 17019 SP 17020
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1978
Recording Notes
Picture sleeve. Foreplay #7
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Pablo Cruise 1 Love Will Find a Way/Worlds Away 00:00:00
Tarney/Spencer Band 2 It's Really You/Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love 00:00:00
William D. Smith 3 Sweetie Pie/Special Person 00:00:00
Gap Mangione 4 Mellow Out 00:00:00
Sylvia Syms 5 I'm In You/She Loves to Hear the Music 00:00:00
L.T.D. 6 We Deserve Each Other's Love/Together Forever 00:00:00
Rita Coolidge 7 You/Love Me Again 00:00:00
Paul Winter 8 Common Ground (Velho Sermao) 00:00:00
U.K. Squeeze 9 Take Me I'm Yours/First Thing Wrong 00:00:00
Quincy Jones 10 Stuff Like That 00:00:00
Stranglers 11 Tank/Nice and Sleazy 00:00:00

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