Volume 2 Top 10 Songs From the Catalogues Of Irving Music

Stock Number
SP 8130
A&M Records
United States
Recording Notes
Promotional only
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Beach Boys 1 God Only Knows 00:00:00
Beach Boys 2 Good Vibrations 00:00:00
Nick DeCaro 3 Caroline, No 00:00:00
Ruthann Friedman 4 Windy 00:00:00
Gayle Caldwell 5 Cycles 00:00:00
Mason Williams 6 Classical Gas 00:00:00
Mason Williams 7 Cinderella Rockefella 00:00:00
Paul Williams 8 Out In the Country 00:00:00
Paul Williams 9 We've Only Just Begun 00:00:00
Paul Williams 10 Rainy Days and Mondays 00:00:00
Paul Williams 11 An Old Fashioned Love Song 00:00:00
Paul Williams 12 The Family Of Man 00:00:00

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