Audio Master Plus Sampler Vol. 1

Stock Number
SP 3000
SP 3000-A/B
CTI Records
United States
Released: 1983
Recording Notes
Gatefold original. Reissued as AM+ (Audio Maser Plus)
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
George Benson 1 The Shape Of Things That Are and Were 00:05:45
Antonio Carlos Jobim 2 Lamento 00:02:41
Paul Desmond 3 Autumn Leaves 00:03:00
Wes Montgomery 4 Wind Song 00:02:18
Nat Adderley 5 New Orleans 00:04:19
Quincy Jones 6 Killer Joe 00:05:08
Kai Winding & J. J. Johnson 7 Israel 00:05:20
George Benson 8 Jackie, All 00:02:15
Wes Montgomery 9 California Nights 00:02:35

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