James Cleveland Tribute Album Volume 1

Stock Number
75021 8530
Word Records
United States
Released: 1991-10 -22
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Williams Brothers 1 So Good 00:00:00
Douglas Miller 2 To Jesus I'll Go 00:00:00
Kim McFarland 3 Someday I'll Overcome 00:00:00
Heaven Sent, Sherry Sumbry, Devlon Parson 4 Jesus Saves 00:00:00
Evylyn Turrentine-Agee 5 If I Had a Hammer 00:00:00
Jessy Dixon 6 He's Got His Eyes on You 00:00:00
Calvin Bernard Rhone 7 Cross That River 00:00:00
Ted Wright 8 Don't Need Nobody Else 00:00:00
Williams Brothers 9 Just Like He Said He Would 00:00:00
Cgi Celebration Singers 10 I've Come a Long Way 00:00:00
Love Holiness 11 Lord Please Hold My Hand 00:00:00

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