The 8th Day - 8th Day

Stock Number
SP 4942
SP 04942-A/B
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1983-4 -12
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Call Me Up 00:04:25
2 It Ain't Funny No More 00:04:31
3 In the Valley 00:03:54
4 In the Right Mood (He Put Me In) 00:03:58
5 I've Got My Heart In the Right Place 00:03:33
6 Body Buddy 00:04:16
7 Last Night Made My Day 00:04:18
8 Hot On the Heels Of Love 00:03:59
9 Don't Blow It 00:04:25
Credit Sort descending Role
Barrington Henderson vocal
Bernie Grundman mastering
Brian Holland producer
Charles Brown assistant engineer
Charles Fearing guitar
Chuck Beeson art direction
Craig Burbidge engineer
Dan Marfis drums
Denzil Broomfield vocal
Derek Nakamoto synthesizer programming
Donald Griffin guitar
Harold Beatty coordination
Harold Beatty producer
Jeff Ayeroff art direction
Jim McCrary photography
John Barnes arranger
John Barnes synthesizer
Lynn Robb art direction
McKinley Jackson arranger
Paul Fox synthesizer
Paul Ring engineer
Quentin Dennard drums
Richard Campbell synthesizer
Richard Davis coordination
Robert Robitalle mix
Russ Terrana mix
Timothy Eames design
Tyrone Douglas vocal
Virginia McDonald vocal

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