Good Together - A Certain Ratio

Stock Number
PCCY 10013
498801 3236530
A&M Records, Ltd.
CD album.
Released: 1989-10 -21
Recording Notes
Audio Master Plus (AM+) Series
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Good Together 00:05:10
1 Your Blue Eyes 00:04:36
2 Your Little World 00:04:17
3 The Big E 00:04:42
4 God's Own Girl 00:05:04
5 Love Is the Way 00:04:16
6 Backs to the Wall 00:05:12
7 River's Edge 00:04:56
8 Every Pleasure 00:05:46
9 Coldest Days 00:04:18
10 Good Together 00:04:32
11 Repercussions 00:04:47
12 2000 a√: 00:04:56
Credit Sort descending Role
A Certain Ratio producer
Andrew Connell arranger
Andrew Connell keyboards
Andrew Connell string arrangement
Andy Diagram trumpet
Anthony Quigley
Bernard Moss flute
Bob Kraushaar producer
Danton Supple assistant engineer
Donald Johnson
Flo McSweeney vocal
Jame Martin photography
James Martin photography
Jeremy Kerr
Johnson/Panas design
Julian Mendelsohn producer
Kev Whyte assistant engineer
Martin Moscrop
Matt Taylor sax
Michael Eastwood programming
Pauline Marsland vocal
Pauling Marsland vocal
Renny Hill assistant engineer
Shaun Ryder vocal
Steve Fitzmaurice assistant engineer
Steve Frith assistant engineer
Sting vocal
Tim Oliver engineer

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