Clockwork - Alex DeGrassi

Stock Number
D32Y 5060
Windham Hill Records
CD album.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Thirty-Six 00:00:00
2 Two Color Dream 00:00:00
3 Clockwork 00:00:00
4 Opening 00:00:00
5 Bougainvillea 00:00:00
6 Elegy 00:00:00
7 Sorta Samba 00:00:00
8 Part Five 00:00:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Alex DeGrassi guitar
Alex DeGrassi producer
Anne Ackerman design
Anne Ackerman photography
Chuck Greenberg lyricon
Chuck Greenberg soprano sax
Darol Anger violin
Kurt Wortman drums
Michael Spiro percussion
Mike Marshall mandolin
Oliver DiCicco engineer
Patrick O'Hearn fretless bass
Rob Wasserman bass
Scott Cossu piano
Stan Ricker mastering

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