House Of Love - Amy Grant

Stock Number
31458 8343
A&M Records
CD single.
Released: 1994
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 House Of Love (LP Version) 00:04:39
2 House Of Love (The Classic Philly Soul Mix) 00:04:37
3 House Of Love (The South Street Remix) 00:04:38
Credit Sort descending Role
Ada Dyer background vocal
Al Clay producer
Al Clay remix
Albert Sanchez photography
Amy Grant background vocal
Amy Grant executive producer
Andy Kravitz assistant engineer
Asher Larrison children’s choir
Ashley Cleveland background vocal
Athena Cage background vocal
Aubrey Hunt children’s choir
Audrey Wheeler background vocal
Beau Stoupe choir
Beverly Darnall choir
Beverly Darnall contractor
Bill Owsley guitar
Bill Whittington engineer
Bill Whittington mix
Brent Rowan guitar
Brent Rowan mandolin
Brown Bannister executive producer
Brown Bannister producer
Burch Curry choir
Cactus Design string arrangement
Cactus Design synthesizer
Carl Gorodetzky contractor
Chad Cromwell drums
Chep Nunez edit
Chris McHugh drums
Chris Rodriguez background vocal
Chris Willis choir
Daniel Abraham additional production
Daniel Abraham producer
Daniel Abraham remix
Dann Huff guitar
Danny O’Lannerghty bass
David Anderle executive producer
David Holloway choir
Dirk Grobelny assistant engineer
Donna McElroy background vocal
Donny Monk choir
Doug Moffet horns
Ellen Musick choir
Eric Darken percussion
Eric Kupper remix
Eric Sarafin additional production
Eric Sarafin mix
Eric Sarafin remix
Gail Farrell choir
Gary Chapman background vocal
Gary Chapman executive producer
Gary Chapman lap steel guitar
Gary Robinson choir
George Tidwell horns
Greg Parker assistant engineer
Guy Penrod choir
Isaac Darnall children’s choir
Jackie Cusic choir
James Dineen, III engineer
Jerry Douglas dobro
Jerry McPherson guitar
John Dickson assistant engineer
John Richards additional production
John Richards remix
Judson Spence background vocal
Judson Spence guitar
Katy Durham children’s choir
Keith Robichaux assistant engineer
Keith Thomas arranger
Keith Thomas drum programming
Keith Thomas piano
Keith Thomas producer
Keith Thomas programming
Keith Thomas synthesizer
Kenny Greenberg guitar
Kristine Stroupe choir
Lance High children’s choir
Leah Taylor choir
Leann Albrecht choir
Lisa Bevill background vocal
Lisa Glasgow choir
Lisa Keith background vocal
Mark Capps assistant engineer
Mark Douthit horns
Mark Douthit soprano sax
Mark Hammond drum programming
Mark Hammond drums
Mark Mazzetti additional production
Mark Mazzetti executive producer
Mark Mazzetti producer
Mark Mazzetti remix
Mark O’Connor violin
Mary Musick children’s choir
Melodie Tunney choir
Michael Blanton executive producer
Michael Haynes horns
Michael Mellett background vocal
Michael Mellett choir
Michael Omartian arranger
Michael Omartian drum programming
Michael Omartian horn arrangement
Michael Omartian keyboards
Michael Omartian producer
Mick Guzauski mix
Nashville String Machine strings
Neal Preston photography
Norman Moore art direction
Norman Moore design
Peter Dow keyboards
Phil Madeira organ
Phil Nicolo additional production
Phil Nicolo engineer
Phil Nicolo producer
Phil Nicolo remix
Richard Frankel art direction
Rick Gibson choir
Ronn Huff arranger
Ronn Huff conductor
Ronn Huff string arrangement
Sarah Huffman choir
Scott Dente guitar
Scott Link assistant engineer
Scott Williamson choir
Shannon Love children’s choir
Shawn McLean assistant engineer
Stephen Marcussen mastering
Suzy Martinez coordination
Terry Christian engineer
Terry Christian mix
Terry McMillan percussion
Todd Moore coordination
Tom Hemby arranger
Tom Hemby guitar
Tom Hemby keyboard programming
Tom Hemby keyboards
Tommy Sims background vocal
Tommy Sims bass
Tommy Sims programming
Tommy Sims synthesizer
Trevor Mathieson children’s choir
Vince Gill
Vince Gill vocal

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