As the Band Turns - Atlantic Starr

Stock Number
L 36543
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1985
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Freak-A-Ristic 00:04:05
2 Cool, Calm, Collected 00:04:02
3 One Love 00:03:55
4 In the Heat Of Passion 00:04:38
5 If Your Heart Isn't In It 00:04:03
6 Silver Shadow 00:04:55
7 Let's Start It Over 00:05:32
8 Secret Lovers 00:05:30
9 Thank You 00:04:25
Credit Sort descending Role
Barbara Weathers lead vocal
Bernie Grundman mastering
Bill Bottrell keyboard programming
Bill Bottrell mix
Bino Espinoza assistant engineer
Bob Brown engineer
Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris engineer
Calvin Harris keyboard programming
Calvin Harris producer
Clare Fischer string synthesizer
Clare Fischer strings and horn arrangement
Craig Harris synthesizer programming
Dana Meyers background vocal
Darryl Phinnessee background vocal
David Cochrane guitar
David Lewis background vocal
David Lewis drums
David Lewis guitar
David Lewis lead vocal
David Lewis producer
Derek Nakamoto keyboard programming
Derek Organ drums
Elmer Flores assistant engineer
Fonzi Thornton background vocal
Fred Law engineer
Fred Law mix assistant
Iris Cohen assistant engineer
Jim Shifflett mix
Joe Gallo producer
Joey Gallo keyboards
John Barnes keyboards
John McClain mix
Jonathan Lewis associate producer
Jonathan Lewis keyboards
Jonathan Lewis trombone
Jonathan Moffett drums
Joseph Lewis percussion
Karen Siegel assistant engineer
Kevin Reach engineer
Kevin Reach mix
Krystal Davis background vocal
Marcus Williams assistant engineer
Mike Dotson assistant engineer
Paulinho da Costa percussion
Phil Walters engineer
Phyllis St. James background vocal
Pierre producer
Ray Bardani engineer
Rex Salas keyboards
Rhys Moody assistant engineer
Rory Young engineer
Tyrone Williams assistant engineer
Wardell Potts, Jr. drums
Wardell Potts, Jr. producer
Wardell Potts, Jr. percussion
Wayne Lewis background vocal
Wayne Lewis keyboards
Wayne Lewis lead vocal
Wayne Lewis producer
Will Shelby keyboards
William Zimmerman keyboards

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