There It Is - Barry White

Stock Number
31458 1124
A&M Records
United States
cassette single.
Released: 1995-6 -27
Credit Sort descending Role
Alex Lowe second engineer
Alex Richbourg remix
Alexander Richbourg remix
Barry White arranger
Barry White engineer
Barry White executive producer
Barry White producer
Barry White vocal arrangement
Bob Loftus assistant engineer
Chuckii Booker associate producer
Douglas Lambert engineer
Frank Kejmar engineer
Gerald Levert arranger
Gerald Levert producer
Jack Perry associate producer
Jack Perry engineer
Joe Schiff assistant engineer
Joe Schiff engineer
John Frye second engineer
Julian Jackson associate producer
Michael Ross assistant engineer
NHP engineer
Rudy Hamilton, III associate producer
Rusty Hamilton, III associate producer
Steven James assistant engineer
Tony Nicholas arranger
Tony Nicholas producer

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