Big Sugar Concerts

Big Sugar performed 104 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.

Location Venue Date Sort ascending
New York, NY Roseland Ballroom 1998-2-12
Toronto, Canada 1998-3-7
Montreal, Canada Cabaret dy Musee Just Pour Rire 1998-3-9
Pointe-Claire, Canada Clyde’s 1998-3-13
Vancouver, Canada Plaza of Nations 1998-5-29
Fort Erie, Canada Mather Arch 1998-7-1
Fort Erie, Canada Mather Arch 1998-7-3
Fort Erie, Canada Mather Arch 1998-7-4
Ottawa, Canada Civic Centre 1998-8-28
Thunder Bay, Canada Outpost 1998-9-4
Thunder Bay, Canada Lakehead University 1998-9-5
Winnipeg, Canada Forks 1998-9-6
Sault Ste. Marie, MI Club Princess 1998-9-8
North Bay, Canada Wall 1998-9-9
Timmins, Canada Northern College 1998-9-10
Greater Sudbury, Canada Laurentian University 1998-9-11
Montreal, Canada Le Spectrum 1998-9-12
Trois-Rivieres Le Maquisart 1998-9-17
Moncton, Canada Quake 1998-9-21
Sydney, Canada University College of Cape Breton 1998-9-22
Charlottetown, Canada University of Prince Edward Island 1998-9-23
Fredericton, Canada UNB 1998-9-25
Toronto, Canada Warehouse 1998-11-6
Detroit, MI Saint Andrew's Hall 1998-11-8
Kitchener, Canada Lyric 1997-1-23
Toronto, Canada York University 1997-1-29
Thunder Bay, Canada Outpost 1997-2-4
Vancouver, Canada Rage 1997-2-10
Vancouver, Canada 86th Street Music Hall 1997-2-11
Medicine Hat, Canada Cypress Centre 1997-2-15
Ottawa, Canada Congress Centre 1997-3-15
Corner Brook, Canada Marble Mountain 1997-3-20
Charlottetown, Canada Myron’s Cabaret 1997-3-25
Fredericton, Canada University of New Brunswick 1997-3-26
Moncton, Canada University of Moncton 1997-3-27
St. John’s, Canada Rock ‘N Roll Warehouse 1997-3-28
Halifax, Canada Dalhousie Student Union 1997-3-29
Antigonish, Canada Saint Francis Xavier University 1997-4-1
Quebec City, Canada Le Capitole de Quebec 1997-4-3
Chicoutimi, Canada Hotel la Sagueneenne 1997-4-4
Sherbrooke, Canada Theatre Granada 1997-4-5
Montreal, Canada Le Spectrum 1997-4-6
Vancouver, Canada Thunderbird Stadium 1997-4-11
Guelph, Canada Club Denim 1997-4-24
London, Canada Mean Fiddler 1997-4-27
Toronto, Canada Docks 1997-6-9
St. Catharine’s Canada Lakeside Hotel 1997-7-24
Montreal, Canada Molson Centre 1997-7-29
Moncton, Canada Riverfront Park 1997-8-2
St. John’s, Canada Feldian Grounds 1997-8-15
Fargo, ND 1997-8-16
Toronto, Canada CNE Bandshell 1997-8-19
Baysville, Canada Arena 1997-8-23
Seattle, WA 1997-8-29
Halifax, Canada Dalhousie Student Union 1997-9-3
Sacramento, CA Cal Expo Amphitheatre 1997-9-9
Guelph, Canada Lake Conservation Area 1997-9-13
St. Catharine’s Canada Brock University 1997-9-19
Kitchener, Canada Lyric 1997-10-2
Muskoka, Canada Lee to Bala 1997-10-11
Thunder Bay, Canada Outpost 1997-10-24
Winnipeg, Canada Le Rendez-Vous 1997-10-26
Regina, Canada Hanbridge Hall 1997-10-28
New York, NY Roseland Ballroom 1997-11-21
Hamilton, Canada Convention Centre 1997-11-22
London, Canada Nac 1997-12-12
Windsor, Canada Loop 1997-12-13
Saskatoon, Canada Saskatchewan Place 1997-12-31
Waterloo, Canada University of Waterloo 1996-1-27
Vancouver, Canada Commodore Ballroom 1996-5-3
Waterloo, Canada Waterloo Park 1996-6-22
Barrie, Canada Molson Park 1996-6-30
Vancouver, Canada Plaza of Nations 1996-7-21
Toronto, Canada Molson Amphitheatre 1996-7-26
London, Canada Call the Office 1996-7-27
Kitchener, Canada Volcano 1996-8-2
Toronto, Canada Lee’s Palace 1996-8-28
Winnipeg, Canada Pyramid Cabaret 1996-10-1
Thunder Bay, Canada Outpost 1996-10-9
Winnipeg, Canada Pyramid Cabaret 1996-10-10
Vancouver, Canada Town Pump 1996-10-20
Ottawa, Canada Carleton University 1996-11-8
Toronto, Canada Warehouse 1996-11-9
Toronto, Canada University of Toronto 1996-11-22
Halifax, Canada Birdland 1996-12-7
Winnipeg, Canada Convention Center 1996-12-31
Calgary, Canada Big Sky 1995-8-7
Gimli, Canada Motorsport Park 1995-8-20
Buffalo, NY M&T Entertainment Stage 1995-8-25
Ottawa, Canada Barrymore's Music Hall 1995-9-15
Kansas City, MO Grand Emporium 1995-9-29
St. Louis, MO Mississippi Nights 1995-10-4
Detroit, MI Majestic Theater 1995-10-20
Kitchener, Canada Volcano 1995-10-23
New York, NY Mercury Lounge 1995-10-24
Ottawa, Canada Nox 1995-11-4
Ottawa, Canada Nox 1995-11-4
Winnipeg, Canada Pyramid Cabaret 1995-11-24
Toronto, Canada Warehouse 1995-12-1
Buffalo, NY Nietzche’s 1995-12-3
Pittsburgh, PA Rosebud 1995-12-5
Boston, MA Mama Kin’s 1995-12-16
London, Canada Call the Office 1995-12-21
Kitchener, Canada Volcano 1995-12-23