The Complete Vinyl Collection - Black Eyed Peas

Stock Number
600753 704127
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 2016-9 -30
Recording Notes
6 vinyl albums, explicit
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Fallin' Up 00:00:00
2 Clap Your Hands 00:00:00
3 Joints & Jam 00:00:00
4 Way U Make Me Feel 00:00:00
5 Movement 00:00:00
6 Karma 00:00:00
7 Be Free 00:00:00
8 Say Goodbye 00:00:00
9 Duet 00:00:00
10 Communication 00:00:00
11 What It Is 00:00:00
12 ¿Que Dices? 00:00:00
13 A8 00:00:00
14 Love Won't Wait 00:00:00
15 Head Bobs 00:00:00
16 Positivity 00:00:00
17 BEP Empire 00:00:00
18 Weekends 00:00:00
19 Get Original 00:00:00
20 Hot 00:00:00
21 Cali to New York 00:00:00
22 Lil' Lil' 00:00:00
23 On My Own 00:00:00
24 Release 00:00:00
25 Bridging the Gaps 00:00:00
26 Go Go 00:00:00
27 Rap Song 00:00:00
28 Bringing It Back 00:00:00
29 Tell Your Momma Come 00:00:00
30 Request + Line 00:00:00
31 Empire Strikes Back 00:00:00
32 Hands Up 00:00:00
33 Labor Day (It's a Holiday) 00:00:00
34 Let's Get Retarded 00:00:00
35 Hey Mama 00:00:00
36 Shut Up 00:00:00
37 Smells Like Funk 00:00:00
38 Latin Girls 00:00:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Grunfeld violin
Allan Pineda vocal
Apl.De.Ap drum programming
Apl.De.Ap producer
Apl.De.Ap strings
Apl.De.Ap vocal
Bittersweets background vocal
Branford Marsalis sax
Brian Dembow viola
Brian Lapin co-producer
Brian Lapin mix
Brian Lapin producer
Bruce Dukov violin
C-Los producer
Caleb Speir bass
Cecelia Tsan cello
Chali 2NA (Charles Stewart)
Chaos bass
Chaos drum programming
Chaos engineer
Charlie Bisharat violin
Chris Lord-Alge mix
Christine Sirois assistant engineer
Chuck Prada percussion
Damon Woods guitar
Danja co-producer
Dante Santiago background vocal
Dante Santiago vocal
Dave Buckner drums
Dave Pensado mix
Davey Chegwidden congas
David Guetta producer
David Low cello
Dawn Beckman vocal
Debbie Nova vocal
Demacio Castellon engineer
Dexter Thibou mix
DJ Ammo producer
DJ Replay producer
Dylan Dresdow engineer
Einstein Brown vocal
Elizabeth Lea trombone
Endre Granat violin
Ethan Willoughby engineer
Ethan Willoughby mix
Fergie vocal
Frederick Riesterer producer
Free School co-producer
Funkagenda co-producer
George Pajon, Jr. guitar
Giorgio Tuinfort producer
Hal Ritson guitar
Hal Ritson keyboards
Hal Ritson vocal
Ingrid Dupree vocal
J. Curtis guitar
Jack Johnson guitar
Jack Puig mix
Jackie Brand violin
Jacoby Shaddix vocal
Jaime Gomez vocal
James Brown vocal
Jason Villaroman engineer
Jeff Watkins sax
Jerry Duplessis mix
Jerry Duplessis producer
Jimmy Limon bass
Jimmy Limon drum programming
Jimmy Limon guitar
Jimmy Limon organ
Jimmy Limon percussion
Joel Derouin violin
John Stephens vocal
Josefina Vergara violin
Josh Lopez guitar
Juie Gigante violin
Jun Ishizeki engineer
Justin Timberlake vocal
Katia Popov violin
Keith Harris drums
Keith Harris keyboards
Keith Harris mellotron
Keith Harris percussion
Kenny Kirkland keyboards
Kevin Rudolf guitar
Kim Hill vocal
Les Nubians
Macy Gray vocal
Manu Katche drums
Marcella Araica assistant engineer
Mario DeLeon violin
Mark Knight co-producer
Mark Knight keyboards
Mark Stent mix
Matt Funes viola
Michael Fratantuno bass
Michael Fratantuno guitar
Michael Matthews guitar
Mino Cinelu percussion
Mos Def (Dante Smith)
Natalie Leggett violin
Neil Tucker engineer
Noelle Scaggs background vocal
Noizetrip producer
Osinachi Nwaneri engineer
Papa Roach
Paul Poli producer
Phillip Levy violin
Planet Swan vocal
Printz Board co-producer
Printz Board drums
Printz Board horn
Printz Board mellotron
Printz Board Moog
Printz Board trumpet
Ray Brady guitar
Redfoo vocal
Rene Mandel violin
Rhett Lawrence producer
Robert Thompson drums
Roberto Cani violin
Rodney Jerkins co-producer
Ron Fair piano
Ron Fair producer
Ron Fair string arrangement
Sarah Thornblade violin
Serban Ghenea mix
Sergio Mendes piano
Sid Page violin
Sierra Swan vocal
Simon Oswell viola
Songa Lee violin
Steve Erdody cello
Sting bass
Sting vocal
Suzie Katayama cello
Taboo vocal
Tal Herzberg engineer
Tal Herzberg programming
Tammy Hatwan violin
Ted Howard engineer
Terence Yoshiaki drums
Terry Dexter background vocal
Tim Izo Orindgreff flute
Tim Izo Orindgreff horn
Tim Izo Orindgreff sax
Tim Latham mix
Timbaland producer
Tippa Irie vocal
Tobin Esperance bass
Tobin Esperance guitar
Tony Maserati mix
Venus Brown DJ
Vicki Miskolczy viola
Will.I.Am drums
Will.I.Am engineer
Will.I.Am keyboards
Will.I.Am mix
Will.I.Am organ
Will.I.Am piano
Will.I.Am producer
Will.I.Am programming
Will.I.Am vocal
Wyclef Jean mix
Wyclef Jean producer

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