Elephunk - Black Eyed Peas

Stock Number
602498 608623
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 2016-9 -30
Recording Notes
International version
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Hands Up 00:03:37
2 Labor Day (It's a Holiday) 00:04:03
3 Let's Get Retarded 00:03:38
4 Hey Mama 00:03:34
5 Shut Up 00:04:55
6 Smells Like Funk 00:05:05
7 Latin Girls 00:06:21
8 Sexy 00:04:46
9 Fly Away 00:03:38
10 The Boogie That Be 00:05:12
11 The Apl Song 00:02:54
12 Anxiety 00:03:42
13 Where Is the Love? 00:04:32
14 Third Eye 00:03:41
Credit Sort descending Role
Allan Pineda vocal
Andrew Van Meter coordination
Apl.De.Ap drum programming
Apl.De.Ap producer
Apl.De.Ap vocal
Blk/Mrkt art direction
Brian Gardner mastering
Chris Lord-Alge mix
Christine Sirois assistant engineer
Chuck Prada percussion
Dante Santiago background vocal
Dante Santiago vocal
Dave Buckner drums
Davey Chegwidden congas
Davey Chegwidden shaker
Debbie Nova vocal
Dylan Dresdow engineer
Elizabeth Lea trombone
Fergie vocal
Frank Wolf engineer
George Pajon, Jr. guitar
J. Curtis guitar
Jacoby Shaddix vocal
Jamie Gomez vocal
Jason Villaroman engineer
John Stephens vocal
Jun Ishizeki engineer
Justin Timberlake vocal
Markus Klinko & Indrani photography
Mike Fratantuno bass
Mike Fratantuno guitar
Nicole Frantz coordination
Noelle Scaggs background vocal
Papa Roach
Printz Board clavinet
Printz Board synthesizer
Printz Board trumpet
Ray Brady guitar
Ron Fair conductor
Ron Fair executive producer
Ron Fair piano
Ron Fair producer
Ron Fair string arrangement
Sergio Mendes piano
Taboo vocal
Tal Herzberg edit
Tal Herzberg engineer
Terence Yoshiaki drums
Terry Dexter background vocal
Tim Orindgreff flute
Tim Orindgreff sax
Tippa Irie vocal
Tobin Esperance bass
Tobin Esperance guitar
Tony Maserati mix
Will.I.Am clavinet
Will.I.Am drum programming
Will.I.Am drums
Will.I.Am engineer
Will.I.Am mix
Will.I.Am piano
Will.I.Am producer
Will.I.Am synthesizer
Will.I.Am vocal

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