A Bourgeois Kitten - Blinker the Star

Stock Number
31454 0594
A&M Records
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1996-9 -17
Recording Notes
Picture sleeve. Booklet, sticker
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Black Eyes, Dull Care 00:04:58
2 Bluish Boy 00:02:15
3 My Dog 00:04:42
4 Jack's Peak 00:03:21
5 Undergrowth 00:04:01
6 Earman 00:03:01
7 Flite Song 00:04:22
8 Pixie Jane 00:03:52
9 Soldier III 00:02:08
10 Bourgeois Kitten 00:04:42
11 The Pick 00:03:53
12 Bicycle Freedom 00:04:52
13 Kween Kat 00:04:56
Credit Sort descending Role
Casey Stone mix assistant
Chris Pitman keyboards
Colin Wylie drums
Dave Collins mastering
Greg Edwards drums
John Dunne photography
Jordon Zadorozny bass
Jordon Zadorozny drums
Jordon Zadorozny guitar
Jordon Zadorozny keyboards
Jordon Zadorozny percussion
Jordon Zadorozny producer
Jordon Zadorozny vocal
Kellii Scott hihat
Ken Andrews background vocal
Ken Andrews engineer
Ken Andrews keyboards
Ken Andrews mix
Ken Andrews percussion
Ken Andrews producer
Melissa Auf Der Maur background vocal
Peter Jacobsen bass
Robert Schmidt assistant engineer
Sunja Park design
Syd Kato photography

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