Budgie Concerts

Budgie performed 163 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.

Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Staffordshire, England Victoria Hall 1978-3-1
Derby, England King's Hall 1978-3-2
Kansas City, MO Catch a Rising Star 1978-5-2
London, England Hammersmith Apollo 1978-3-3
Milwaukee, WI Electric Ballroom 1978-5-4
Dover, NJ Showplace 1978-5-5
Madison, WI Stone Hearth 1978-5-6
Chicago, IL Riviera Theater 1978-4-7
Youngstown, OH Tomorrow Club 1978-5-7
Cleveland, OH Agora 1978-5-8
Schaumburg, IL Beginnings Club 1978-4-9
Peoria, IL Second Chance 1978-4-10
New York, NY Bottom Line 1978-5-10
San Antonio, TX Municipal Auditorium 1978-4-13
Allentown, PA Rockne Hall 1978-5-13
Corpus Christi, TX Ritz Music Hall 1978-4-14
Austin, TX Armadillo Word Headquarters 1978-4-15
Killeen, TX Crazy Horse Saloon 1978-4-16
San Antonio, TX Municipal Auditorium 1978-2-19
Huntington Beach, CA Golden Bear 1978-4-19
Los Angeles, CA Whisky A Go Go 1978-4-20
Los Angeles, CA Whisky A Go Go 1978-4-21
Los Angeles, CA Whisky A Go Go 1978-4-22
Sheffield, England City Hall 1978-2-23
Liverpool, England Empire Theatre 1978-2-24
San Francisco, CA Old Waldorf 1978-4-24
Manchester, England Apollo 1978-2-25
Santa Monica, CA Civic Auditorium 1978-3-25
San Francisco, CA Old Waldorf 1978-4-25
Birmingham, England Odeon Theatre 1978-2-26
Newcaste Upon Tyne, England City Hall 1978-2-28
Huntington Beach, CA Golden Bear 1978-3-28
Dover, NJ Showplace 1978-5-11
Newcaste Upon Tyne, England City Hall 1977-3-1
Dover, NJ Showplace 1977-6-3
Youngstown, OH Tomorrow Club 1977-6-5
Winnipeg, Canada Pantages Playhouse Theatre 1977-7-5
Pontiac, MI Phoenix Plaza 1977-6-6
Bloomington, IL Red Lion 1977-6-7
Davenport, IA Uncle Sam's 1977-6-8
Des Moines, IA 1977-6-9
San Antonio, TX Joe Freeman Coliseum 1977-12-9
Derby, England King's Hall 1977-2-10
Los Angeles, CA Whisky A Go Go 1977-11-11
Ann Arbor, MI Second Chance Saloon 1977-6-12
Los Angeles, CA Whisky A Go Go 1977-11-12
Decatur, IL 1977-6-13
Waterloo, IA 1977-6-14
Killeen, TX Crazy Horse Saloon 1977-11-15
Dover, NJ Showplace 1977-4-16
Dunstable, England Queensway Hall 1977-2-17
San Antonio, TX Municipal Auditorium 1977-11-19
London, England Roundhouse 1977-1-23
Northampton, PA Roxy Theater 1977-4-13
Toronto, Canada Nathan Phillips Square 1977-7-10
Northards County Cricket Club 1976-5-1
Schaumburg, IL Beginnings Club 1976-12-1
Guilford, England Civic Hall 1976-5-2
Dortmund, Germany Westfalenhalle 1976-10-2
Waukegan, IL Night Gallery 1976-12-2
Plymouth, England Guildhall 1976-5-3
Malmo, Sweden Folkets Park 1976-7-3
Waukegan, IL Night Gallery 1976-12-3
St. Louis, MO Rusty Springs 1976-12-4
Madison, WI El Tejon 1976-12-6
Lancaster, England Lancaster University 1976-5-7
Nottingham, England University of Nottingham 1976-5-8
Dayton, OH Echo 1976-12-8
Liverpool, England Liverpool Stadium 1976-5-9
Louisville, KY Another Place 1976-12-9
Leicester, England De Monfort Hall 1976-5-10
Liverpool, England Liverpool Stadium 1976-7-10
Cardiff, Wales Cardiff Castle 1976-9-10
Chicago, IL Aragon Ballroom 1976-12-10
Hemel Hempstead, England Pavilion 1976-4-11
Norwich, England St. Andrew's 1976-5-11
Coventry, England University of Warwick 1976-11-11
Brussels, Belgium 1976-1-12
Leeds, England Polytechnic 1976-5-13
St. Albans, England City Hall 1976-5-15
Heesch, Netherlands Deu Meule 1976-1-16
Edinburgh, Scotland Leith Theatre 1976-4-16
London, England New Victoria Theatre 1976-5-16
Dublin, Ireland National Stadium 1976-6-16
Rotterdam, Netherlands Exit 1976-1-17
Dundee, Scotland Caird Hall 1976-4-17
Amsterdam, Netherlands Melkweg 1976-1-18
Newcaste Upon Tyne, England City Hall 1976-4-18
Lincoln, England Drill Hall 1976-5-18
Venlo, Netherlands Sneeuwwitje 1976-1-19
Birmingham, England Town Hall 1976-5-19
London, England Fairfield Hall 1976-12-19
Delft, Netherlands Doelen 1976-1-20
Glasgow, Scotland City Hall 1976-4-20
Royal Oak, MI Music Theater 1976-11-20
Arnhem, Netherlands Stokvishal 1976-1-21
Manchester, England Free Trade Hall 1976-5-21
Breda, Netherlands Graanbeurs 1976-1-22
Maidenhead, England Skindels 1976-5-22
Columbus, OH Club Agora 1976-11-22
Hanley, England Victoria Hall 1976-4-23
Ebbwaile, England Leisure Centre 1976-5-23
The Hague, Netherlands Paard van Troje 1976-1-23
Reading, England Town Hall 1976-5-24
Cardiff, Wales Cardiff Castle 1976-7-24
Birmingham, England Bingley Hall 1976-9-24
Allentown, PA Ag Hall 1976-11-24
Utrecht, Netherlands Oudegracht 1976-1-25
Croydon, England Greyhound 1976-4-25
Long Island, NY My Father's Place 1976-11-25
Swansea, England Top Rank 1976-4-26
Reading, England Town Hall 1976-5-26
Milwaukee, WI 1976-11-27
Sheffield, England City Hall 1976-4-28
Cheltenham, England Town Hall 1976-4-29
Dublin, Ireland Stadium 1976-5-29
Cleveland, OH Agora 1976-11-29
Cardiff, Wales Top Rank 1976-4-30
Southend, England Foothall Stadium 1976-5-31
South Holland, Netherlands Over de Brug In Gouda 1976-1-24
Birmingham, England Mayfair Suite 1976-4-15
Taplow, England Skindles Hotel 1976-4-24
North Holland, Netherlands Paradiso in Amsterdam 1976-6-18
Taplow, England Skindles Hotel 1976-7-17
Southend-On-Sea, England Kursaal 1976-9-25
Taplow, England Skindles Hotel 1976-11-13
Cardiff, Wales Top Rank 1975-10-1
St. Albans, England City Hall 1975-10-3
Brighton, England Top Rank 1975-12-3
Dewsbury, England Town Hall 1975-12-4
Cambridge, England Corn Exchange 1975-12-5
Southend-on-Sea, England Kursaal 1975-12-6
Croydon, England Greyhound 1975-12-7
Manchester, England Free Trade Hall 1975-9-10
Preston, England Guildhall 1975-9-11
Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow University 1975-10-11
Hanley, England Victoria Hall 1975-9-12
Karlstad, Sweden Isstadion 1975-12-12
Northampton, England Northampton University 1975-9-13
Huddersfield, England Ivanhoes 1975-9-16
Cardiff, Wales 1975-9-17
Norwich, England St. Andrew's 1975-10-17
Cheltenham, England Town Hall 1975-9-18
Woolwich, England Thames Polytechnic 1975-10-18
Birmingham, England Town Hall 1975-9-19
Liverpool, England Liverpool Stadium 1975-9-20
Leicester, England De Monfort Hall 1975-9-21
London, England Roundhouse 1975-12-21
Barnstaple, England Queen's Hall 1975-9-23
Yeovil, England Johnson Hall 1975-9-24
Penzance, England Winter Gardens 1975-9-25
Bracknell, England Sports Centre 1975-10-25
St. Albans, England City Hall 1975-9-26
Cromer, England Royal Links Pavilion 1975-9-27
Newcaste Upon Tyne, England City Hall 1975-10-27
London, England Roundhouse 1975-9-28
Leeds, England Town Hall 1975-10-28
Bournemouth, England Winter Gardens 1975-9-29
Cardiff, Wales New Theatre 1975-9-30
Nottingham, England Playhouse 1975-11-30
London, England Olympia 1975-12-31
Brighton, England Top Rank 1975-12-2
Vasteras, Sweden Kpnserthuset 1975-12-17