Euphoria Mourning - Chris Cornell

Stock Number
602547 408211
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2015-8 -14
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Can't Change Me 00:03:20
2 Flutter Girl 00:04:23
3 Preaching the End Of the World 00:04:40
4 Follow My Way 00:05:07
5 When I'm Down 00:04:18
6 Mission 00:04:03
7 Wave Goodbye 00:03:43
8 Moonchild 00:04:01
9 Sweet Euphoria 00:03:07
10 Disappearing One 00:03:45
11 Pillow Of Your Bones 00:04:27
12 Steel Rain 00:05:42
Credit Sort descending Role
Alain Johannes bass
Alain Johannes clarinet
Alain Johannes drums
Alain Johannes engineer
Alain Johannes guitar
Alain Johannes producer
Alain Johannes vocal
Andrew Garver digital transfers
Bill Rieflin drums
Chris Cornell engineer
Chris Cornell guitar
Chris Cornell harmonica
Chris Cornell producer
Chris Cornell vocal
Dave Collins mastering
Greg Upchurch drums
Jason Falkner bass
John Golden mastering
Josh Freese drums
Matt Cameron drums
Natasha Shneider bass
Natasha Shneider keyboards
Natasha Shneider organ
Natasha Shneider piano
Natasha Shneider producer
Natasha Shneider tambourine
Natasha Shneider timpani
Natasha Shneider vocal
Ric Markmann bass
Victor Indrizzo drums

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