Chris DeBurgh TV Show Appearances

Chris DeBurgh guest appearances on television programs around the world. Following is a list of the shows with 63 results. You can sort by the name of the show and the date.
TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Kelly 2000-10-27
VH-1 Where Are They Now? 2000-7-21
GMTC Today 2000-7-3
Millionar Gesucht! 2000-1-22
Diana: the Nation's Farewell 1997
Noel's Christmas Presents 1996
Verstehen Sie SpaB? 1994-5-8
Surprise Surprise! 1994-5-8
Cue the Music 1993-5-2
This Is Your Life 1992-4-15
Pebble Mill 1992-4-14
Top of the Pops 1992-4-2 Separate Tables
Simple Truth: a Concert for Kurdish Refugees 1991-5-12
Chris DeBurgh: the Munich Concerts 1990-1-7 Munich Concerts: The Lady In Red/Ship to Shore/Sight and Touch/Man On the Line/Borderline/Spanish Train/Patricia the Stripper/Sailor/Transmission Ends/The Head and the Heart/Don't Pay the Ferryman/The Spirit of Man/High On Emotion
Top of the Pops 1989-12-28
Homeward Bound 1989-5-21
Wogan 1989-11-13
Royal Variety Performance 1989 1989
Top of the Pops 1988-10-11 Missing You
Live from Her Majesty's 1988-10-30
Wogan 1988-10-14
Top of the Pops 1988-11-24 Missing You
International British Record Industry 1987-2-23 The Lady in Red
Rockpop In Concert 1987-8-23
Wogan 1987-12-11
International British Record Industry Awards 1987
No Sowas! 1987-2-7 One Word
Top of the Pops 1986-12-25 The Lady in Red
Kanguru 1986-9-8 The Lady in Red
Top of the Pops 1986-8-14 The Lady in Red
Top of the Pops 1986-8-7 The Lady in Red
Top of the Pops 1986-7-31 The Lady in Red
Top of the Pops 1986-7-17 The Lady in Red
Bitte Umblattern 1986-3-10
Entre Amigos 1986-11-21
WWF Club 1985-5-10 Borderline
Late Night in Concert 1985-9-17
Late Night in Concert 1984-9-25
WWF Club 1984-5-0 High On Emotion
No Sowas! 1984-6-6 High On Emotion
No Sowas! 1984-6-6
Solid Gold 1984-10-13 Ecstasy of Flight
Thommy's Pop Show 1984-12-8 I Love the Night/The Head and the Heart/High on Emotion
Thommy's Pop Show 1983-12-17 Don't Pay the Ferryman/Where Peaceful Waters Flow/The Getaway
Rockpop In Concert 1983-3-26
Thommy's Pop Show 1983-1-17 The Getaway
L'Academie des 9 1982-12-17
WWF Club 1982-12-17 Don’t Pay the Ferryman
No Sowas! 1982-12-20 Don’t Pay the Ferryman
Show Express 1982-11-11 The Getaway
WWF Club 1982-3-12 The Traveller
Grace Kennedy 1982-1-18
Disco 1982-2-15 The Traveller
Rockpop In Concert 1982-2-19
Mandagsborsen 1982-2-22
Bitte Umblattern 1982-3-15
Razzamatazz 1982-11-16
Na Sowas! 1982-12-20
Rockpop 1981-10-3 Waiting for the Hurricane
Rockpop 1980-8-16 Tourist Attraction/Shadows and Lights
Dinah 1979-6-26
Sight & Sound in Concert 1978-2-11
Old Grey Whistle Test 1975-2-14