Chris DeBurgh TV Show Appearances

Chris DeBurgh made 63 guest appearances on television programs around the world. You can sort the table by the name of the television show, the date it aired or by country.

TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Kelly 2000-10-27
VH-1 Where Are They Now? 2000-7-21
GMTC Today 2000-7-3
Millionar Gesucht! 2000-1-22
Diana: the Nation's Farewell 1997
Noel's Christmas Presents 1996
Verstehen Sie SpaB? 1994-5-8
Surprise Surprise! 1994-5-8
Cue the Music 1993-5-2
This Is Your Life 1992-4-15
Pebble Mill 1992-4-14
Top Of the Pops 1992-4-2 Separate Tables
Simple Truth: a Concert For Kurdish Refugees 1991-5-12
Chris DeBurgh: the Munich Concerts 1990-1-7 Munich Concerts: The Lady In Red/Ship to Shore/Sight and Touch/Man On the Line/Borderline/Spanish Train/Patricia the Stripper/Sailor/Transmission Ends/The Head and the Heart/Don't Pay the Ferryman/The Spirit of Man/High On Emotion
Top Of the Pops 1989-12-28
Homeward Bound 1989-5-21
Wogan 1989-11-13
Royal Variety Performance 1989 1989
Top Of the Pops 1988-10-11 Missing You
Live from Her Majesty's 1988-10-30
Wogan 1988-10-14
Top Of the Pops 1988-11-24 Missing You
International British Record Industry 1987-2-23 The Lady in Red
Rockpop In Concert 1987-8-23
Wogan 1987-12-11
International British Record Industry Awards 1987
No Sowas! 1987-2-7 One Word
Top Of the Pops 1986-12-25 The Lady in Red
Kanguru 1986-9-8 The Lady in Red
Top Of the Pops 1986-8-14 The Lady in Red
Top Of the Pops 1986-8-7 The Lady in Red
Top Of the Pops 1986-7-31 The Lady in Red
Top Of the Pops 1986-7-17 The Lady in Red
Bitte Umblattern 1986-3-10
Entre Amigos 1986-11-21
WWF Club 1985-5-10 Borderline
Late Night In Concert 1985-9-17
Late Night In Concert 1984-9-25
WWF Club 1984-5-8 High On Emotion
No Sowas! 1984-6-6 High On Emotion
No Sowas! 1984-6-6
Solid Gold 1984-10-13 Ecstasy of Flight
Thommy's Pop Show 1984-12-8 I Love the Night/The Head and the Heart/High on Emotion
Thommy's Pop Show 1983-12-17 Don't Pay the Ferryman/Where Peaceful Waters Flow/The Getaway
Rockpop In Concert 1983-3-26
Thommy's Pop Show 1983-1-17 The Getaway
L'Academie des 9 1982-12-17
WWF Club 1982-12-17 Don’t Pay the Ferryman
No Sowas! 1982-12-20 Don’t Pay the Ferryman
Show Express 1982-11-11 The Getaway
WWF Club 1982-3-12 The Traveller
Grace Kennedy 1982-1-18
Disco 1982-2-15 The Traveller
Rockpop In Concert 1982-2-19
Mandagsborsen 1982-2-22
Bitte Umblattern 1982-3-15
Razzamatazz 1982-11-16
Na Sowas! 1982-12-20
Rockpop 1981-10-3 Waiting for the Hurricane
Rockpop 1980-8-16 Tourist Attraction/Shadows and Lights
Dinah 1979-6-26
Sight & Sound In Concert 1978-2-11
Old Grey Whistle Test 1975-2-14