Copperpenny was a Canadian band from Kitchener. Formed in 1965 as The Penny Farthings, they changed the name to Copperpenny in 1966. 

They recorded their biggest hit for Sweet Plum Records. "Sitting On a Poor Man's Throne" peaked at 14 in 1973.

In 1974, the group disbanded.

Recording Years / Label
1973 -  Sweet Plum
Name Member Years Instruments
Bill Mononen guitar
Blake Barrett drums, percussion
Kenny Hollis vocals
Rich Wamil keyboards, vocals
Ron Hiller bass
Name Birth Death
Bill Mononen 1948-12-14
Blake Barrett 1951-02-03
Kenny Hollis 1946-04-10
Rich Wamil 1950-09-15
Ron Hiller 1953-07-07

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