Waking Hours - Del Amitri

Stock Number
602537 556960
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2014-3 -3
Recording Notes
Deluxe Edition
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Kiss This Thing Goodbye 00:04:34
2 Opposite View 00:04:52
3 Move Away Jimmy Blue 00:03:46
4 Stone Cold Sober 00:04:55
5 You're Gone 00:05:06
6 When I Want You 00:04:32
7 This Side Of the Morning 00:04:20
8 Empty 00:04:38
9 Hatful Of Rain 00:05:01
10 Nothing Ever Happens 00:03:52
11 No Holding On 00:03:51
12 Slowly, It's Coming Back 00:04:00
13 Fred Partington's Daughter 00:03:38
14 The Return Of Maggie Brown 00:03:47
15 Talk It to Death 00:04:26
16 So Many Souls to Change 00:03:55
17 Don't I Look Like the Kind Of Guy You Used to Hate 00:02:48
18 Evidence 00:03:10
19 Another Letter Home 00:04:09
20 April the First 00:02:54
21 More Than You'd Ever Know 00:02:27
22 This Side Of the Morning 00:04:17
23 Spit In the Rain 00:03:45
24 The Return Of Maggie Brown 00:03:46
Credit Sort descending Role
Andy Alston organ
Andy Alston piano
Blair Cowan accordion
Blair Cowan synthesizer
Caroline Lavelle cello
Gil Norton producer
Hugh Jones producer
Iain Harvie guitar
James O’Malley bass
Jeremy Pearce design
Julian Dawson harmonica
Julian Mendelsohn mix
Justin Currie bass
Justin Currie vocal
Kevin Westenberg photography
Mark Freegard producer
Michael Slaven guitar
Paul Tyagi drums
Paul Tyagi percussion
Robert Cairns violin
Sarah Southin design
Stephen Irvine drums
Will Mowat keyboards

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