Every Dog Has Her Day!!! - Denise Lopez

Stock Number
602438 335855
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2021-6 -18
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Don't You Wanna Be Mine 00:04:52
2 Causa' U 00:04:26
3 Communicate 00:04:38
4 Land Of the Living 00:04:51
5 Love Come Down 00:04:54
6 It's Just My Heart That's Breakin' 00:04:46
7 Loving You a to Z 00:05:19
8 I Want U 2 Know 00:04:24
9 Layin' Down the Law 00:03:58
10 Everlasting Love 00:04:05
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Myerson mix
Benny Diggs background vocal
Bill Hart illustration
Billy Biddle keyboards
Billy Biddle producer
Billy Biddle programming
Bruce Deshazer background vocal
Chuck Zwicky engineer
Connie Harvey background vocal
Dave Gellis guitar
David Bowler producer
David Bowler programming
David Cole producer
David Grant keyboards
David Grant programming
David Rivkin engineer
David Rivkin mix
David Rivkin percussion
David Rivkin producer
Denise Lopez arranger
Denise Lopez background vocal
Denise Lopez vocal
Edward Douglas assistant engineer
Edward Douglas background vocal
F. Ron Miller art direction
F. Ron Miller design
Fred Steele background vocal
Howard Bowler guitar
Howard Bowler producer
J. D. Steele background vocal
Jeff Lorber engineer
Jeff Lorber keyboards
Jocelyn Brown background vocal
Joe Sample piano
John Chamberlin assistant engineer
John Morales background vocal
John Morales edit
John Morales mix
John Morales producer
John Morales programming
Len Peltier art direction
Len Peltier design
Lenny Derose engineer
Lenny Derose mix
Lenny Derose vocal
Marv Gunn background vocal
Oliver Leiber arranger
Oliver Leiber bass
Oliver Leiber drum programming
Oliver Leiber guitar
Oliver Leiber keyboards
Oliver Leiber producer
Paul Peterson bass
Paul Peterson keyboards
Peggy Sirota photography
Peter Martinsen engineer
Piston Heaves background vocal
Ricky Peterson associate producer
Ricky Peterson bass
Ricky Peterson keyboards
Robert Clivilles producer
Sergio Munzibai producer
Steve Ralbovsky executive producer
Steve Ralbovsky producer
Tom Coyne mastering
Tom Garneau assistant engineer

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