Desert Moon - Dennis DeYoung

Stock Number
L 38294
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1984
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Don't Wait For Heroes 00:04:46
2 Please 00:04:20
3 Boys Will Be Boys 00:05:41
4 Fire 00:03:46
5 Desert Moon 00:06:09
6 Suspicious 00:04:57
7 Gravity 00:04:51
8 Dear Darling (I'll Be There) 00:04:27
Credit Sort descending Role
Aaron Rapoport photography
Chuck Beeson art direction
Chuck Beeson design
Dawn Feusi vocal
Dennis DeYoung arranger
Dennis DeYoung background vocal
Dennis DeYoung keyboards
Dennis DeYoung mix
Dennis DeYoung percussion
Dennis DeYoung producer
Dennis DeYoung vocal
Dennis Johnson bass
Fuzettes vocal
Gary Loizzo background vocal
Gary Loizzo engineer
Gary Loizzo mix
Jim Popko mix
Jim Popko third engineer
Maurice Simmons drum programming
Pat Hurley vocal
Rob Kingsland engineer
Rob Kingsland mix
Rosemary Butler vocal
Sandy Caulfield vocal
Steve Eisen congas
Steve Eisen sax
Ted Jensen mastering
Tom Dziallo arranger
Tom Dziallo bass
Tom Dziallo drum programming
Tom Dziallo guitar
Tom Dziallo mix
Tom Dziallo percussion
Tom Radtke drums
Tom Radtke percussion
Vince Guttman drum programming
Will Rascati mix
Will Rascati second engineer

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