The Dawn Of the Dickies

Stock Number
SP 4796
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1980
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Where Did His Eye Go? 00:03:40
2 Fan Mail 00:03:05
3 Manny, Moe & Jack 00:02:50
4 Infidel Zombie 00:03:03
5 I'm a Chollo 00:03:45
6 Nights In White Satin 00:02:54
7 Tricia Toyota (I'm Stuck In a Pagoda With) 00:02:53
8 I've Got a Splitting Headache 00:02:28
9 Attack Of the Mole Men 00:03:40
10 She Loves Me Not 00:01:12
Personnel Role
Artrouble illustration
Billy Club background vocals
Billy Club bass
Chuck Wagon keyboards
Chuck Wagon synthesizer
Chuck Wagon background vocals
Chuck Wagon guitar
Chuck Wagon percussion
Chuck Wagon sax
Chuck Wagon harmonica