Difford & Tilbrook - Difford & Tilbrook

Stock Number
SP 4985
A&M Records
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1984
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Action Speaks Faster 00:04:50
2 Love's Crashing Waves 00:03:08
3 Picking Up the Pieces 00:03:18
4 On My Mind Tonight 00:04:08
5 Man For All Seasons 00:02:35
6 Hope Fell Down 00:04:22
7 Wagon Train 00:03:36
8 You Can't Hurt the Girl 00:03:01
9 Tears For Attention 00:04:50
10 The Apple Tree 00:04:24
Credit Sort descending Role
Andy Duncan drums
Andy Duncan percussion
Britain Hill photography
Bryan Robson technician
Chris Difford guitar
Chris Difford producer
Chris Difford vocal
Chris Porter technician
Debbie Bishop background vocal
Eric Thorngren producer
Eric Thorngren remix
George Chambers technician
Glenn Tilbrook arranger
Glenn Tilbrook guitar
Glenn Tilbrook keyboards
Glenn Tilbrook producer
Glenn Tilbrook vocal
Guy Fletcher background vocal
Guy Fletcher keyboards
Jack Skinner mastering
Keith Wilkinson bass
Larry Tollfree percussion
Peter technician
Richard Frankel art direction
TKO Horns brass
Tony Visconti arranger
Tony Visconti mix
Tony Visconti producer

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