Esperanto Concerts

Esperanto performed 38 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.

Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Hull, England Humberside Theater 1974-5-15
Reading, England Reading University 1974-3-4
Leicester, England Leicester Polytechnic 1974-3-6
Brussels, Belgium 1974-3-21
Swansea, Wales Swansea University 1974-3-22
Bolton, England Bolton Tech 1974-3-23
London, England Roundhouse 1974-3-24
Keele, England Keele University 1974-3-27
London, England Middlesex Polytechnic 1974-3-28
Brighton, England College Of Education 1974-5-7
Birmingham, England Newman College 1974-3-3
Reading, England Little John's Farm 1974-6-25
Hastings, England Hastings Pier 1974-7-8
Cheshire, England Crewe College Of Education 1974-7-9
Manchester, England Stoneground 1974-8-15
Newcastle, England Newcastle University 1974-9-16
London, England Marquee Club 1974-9-17
Reading, England 1974-9-25
London, England Marquee Club 1974-12-1
London, England N.E. London Polytechnic 1974-3-2
Cambridge, England Cambridge University 1974-3-1
Sheffield, England City Hall 1973-2-4
Bristol, England Hippodrome 1973-2-3
Zurich, Switzerland Cinema Corso 1973-2-10
Paris, France Bataclan 1973-2-14
Ixelles, Belgium Theatre Mami 1973-2-15
London, England Rainbow Theatre 1973-3-25
London, England Queen Elizabeth Hall 1973-5-13
London, England Roundhouse 1973-5-21
London, England Shaw Theatre 1973-6-4
London, England Imperial College 1973-6-24
London, England Rainbow 1973-6-25
London, England Rainbow 1973-6-26
Birmingham, England Town Hall 1973-9-1
Manchester, England Free Trade Hall 1973-9-28
Newcastle, England City Hall 1973-9-29
Liverpool, England Stadium 1973-10-2
London, England Rainbow 1973-10-25