III Sides to Every Story - Extreme

Stock Number
31454 0006
A&M Records
United States
CD album, cassette album, digital compact cassette.
Released: 1992-9 -22
Recording Notes
CD deleted 04/23/2002, cassette deleted 02/12/2002
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Warheads 00:05:18
2 Rest In Peace 00:06:02
3 Politicalamity 00:05:04
4 Color Me Blind 00:05:01
5 Cupid's Dead 00:05:56
6 Peacemaker Die 00:06:03
7 Seven Sundays 00:04:18
8 Tragic Comic 00:04:45
9 Our Father 00:04:02
10 Stop the World 00:05:58
11 God Isn't Dead? 00:02:02
12 I Rise 'N Shine 00:06:23
13 II Am I Ever Gonna Change 00:06:57
14 III Who Cares? 00:08:19
Chart Peak Date
Billboard Top 200 Albums 10
Credit Sort descending Role
Alex Andon vocal
Avery Andon vocal
Bob Ludwig mastering
Bob St. John co-producer
Bob St. John engineer
Carl Nappa assistant engineer
Edward De R Cayla voice
Gary Cherone art direction
Gary Cherone design
Gary Cherone vocal
Geremy Miller strings
Ian O’Malley vocal
Ioannis art direction
Jim Thomas assistant engineer
Jim Thomas engineer
John Kurlander engineer
John Preziosa, Jr. vocal
Liz Vap art direction
Liz Vap design
Martin Luther King, Jr. vocal
Michael Lavine photography
Mike Moran arranger
Nuno Bettencourt engineer
Nuno Bettencourt guitar
Nuno Bettencourt orchestration
Nuno Bettencourt organ
Nuno Bettencourt percussion
Nuno Bettencourt piano
Nuno Bettencourt producer
Nuno Bettencourt synthesizer
Nuno Bettencourt vocal
Patrick Badger bass
Patrick Badger vocal
Paul Aresu photography
Paul Geary drums
Paul Geary percussion
Paul Geary vocal
Philip Meyers vocal
Steven Sigurdson cello
Steven Sigurdson strings

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