Puttin’ a Rush On Me - Future Force

Stock Number
31458 2093
United States
CD single, 12-inch.
Released: 1997-2 -24
Credit Sort descending Role
Craig Snider keyboards
Hipolito Torrales remix
Ian Green producer
Ian Green remix
Marc Auerbach producer
Marc Auerbach remix
Mark Mendoza remix
Mark Picchiotti arranger
Mark Picchiotti engineer
Mark Picchiotti mix
Mark Picchiotti producer
Mark Picchiotti remix
Mentor remix
Mike Halpin horns
Mike Harpin horns
Orbert Davis horns
Paul Martens arranger
Paul Martens horns
Paul Mertens arranger
Paul Mertens horns
Richie Davis guitar
Robin Robinson background vocal
Terri Symon background vocal
Terri Symon vocal
Yvonne Gage background vocal

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