Garland Jeffreys Concerts

Garland Jeffreys performed 34 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.
Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Ottawa, Canada 1979-11-29
Poughkeepsie, NY Last Chance 1978-4-14
New York, NY Bottom Line 1978-5-13
Philadelphia, PA University of Pennsylvania 1978-4-15
Cleveland, OH Agora 1978-5-15
Trenton, NJ Rider College 1978-4-16
Nashville, TN Exit Inn 1978-4-17
Chicago, IL Park West 1978-5-17
Raleigh, NC Pier Club 1978-4-19
Atlanta, GA Great Southeast Music Hall 1978-4-20
New Orleans, LA Rosie's 1978-4-21
Houston, TX Opera House 1978-4-22
Austin, TX Paramount Theater 1978-4-24
San Francisco, CA Old Waldorf 1978-4-26
Portland, OR Paramount Theater 1978-4-28
Seattle, WA Paramount Theater 1978-4-29
Toronto, Canada Massey Hall 1978-5-30
New York, NY Bottom Line 1978-5-12
Los Angeles, CA Roxy 1978-5-1
Los Angeles, CA Roxy 1978-5-2
Ottawa, Canada Civic Center 1978-6-2
Montreal, Canada Forum 1978-6-3
Boston, MA Paradise Club 1978-5-5
Boston, MA Paradise Club 1978-5-6
Stony Brook, MY SUNY 1978-5-11
New York, NY Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center 1977-4-30
Bryn Mawr, PA Point 1975-9-29
Bryn Mawr, PA Point 1975-9-28
Bryn Mawr, PA Point 1975-9-27
Bryn Mawr, PA Point 1975-9-26
Bryn Mawr, PA Point 1975-9-25
Kansas City, KS Memorial Hall 1973-5-2
Chicago, IL Park West 1973-5-8
Kansas City, MO Cowtown Ballroom 1973-7-3