Natural Juices - Gene McDaniels

Stock Number
SP 77028
SP 77055--SP 77056
Ode Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1975
Credit Sort descending Role
Afreeka Trees background vocal
Bill Nuttycombe concertmaster
Billy Connors guitar
Bob James keyboards
Carmen Bryant background vocal
Carolyn Willis background vocal
Chuck Beeson art direction
Chuck Beeson design
Dale Oehler arranger
David T. Walker guitar
Dean Parks guitar
Gary King arranger
Gary King bass
Gene McDaniels producer
Hank Cicalo engineer
Idris Muhammed drums
Jim Gilstrap background vocal
Jim Gilstrap co-producer
Jim Gilstrap vocal arrangement
Jim Pankow arranger
Jim Pankow trombone
Kathy Collier background vocal
Kneddy Gloud background vocal
Lee Loughnane trumpet
Mario Casilli photography
Marti McCall background vocal
Milt Calice assistant engineer
Morgan Ames background vocal
Plas Johnson woodwind
Ralph MacDonald percussion
Richard Tee organ
Roland Bautista guitar
Ronnie Laws woodwind
Tom Scott horn arrangement
Tom Scott tenor sax
Victor Feldman vibraphone
Walter Parazaider flute
Walter Parazaider sax

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