Heroes & Zeros - Glen Burtnick

Stock Number
D32Y 3181
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1987-9 -21
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Follow You 00:04:01
2 Spinning My Wheels 00:03:54
3 Walls Came Down 00:03:45
4 Stupid Boys (Suckers For Love) 00:03:46
5 Love Goes On 00:04:22
6 Heard It On the Radio 00:03:39
7 Abalene 00:03:48
8 Here Comes Sally 00:03:41
9 Scattered 00:03:06
10 The Day Your Ship Gets Thru 00:03:11
Credit Sort descending Role
Anton Fig drums
Bob Burger background vocal
Britt Savage background vocal
Bruce Hornsby accordion
Bruce Hornsby piano
Buddy Allen bass
Chuck Beeson art direction
Chuck Burgi drums
David Prater background vocal
David Prater engineer
David Prater percussion
David Prater producer
Donald Krieger design
Doug Worthington guitar
Gary Wright mix assistant
Glen Burtnick background vocal
Glen Burtnick guitar
Glen Burtnick keyboards
Glen Burtnick percussion
Glen Burtnick producer
Glen Burtnick vocal
Gray Russell engineer
Jay Senter executive producer
John Rollo engineer
Mike Gormley percussion
Neal Schon guitar
Niko Bolas finger snaps
Niko Bolas mix
Ryan Weiderman photography
Salvatore Giglio keyboards
Salvatore Giglio programming
Shelly Thompson background vocal
Southside Johnny harmonica

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