Life Is a Grand... - Henry Badowski

Stock Number
AMLH 68527
I.R.S. Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1981
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 My Face 00:03:20
2 Henry's In Love 00:03:09
3 Swimming With the Fish in the Sea 00:04:46
4 The Inside Out 00:03:27
5 Life Is a Grand 00:03:44
6 Silver Trees 00:03:34
7 This Was Meant to Be 00:03:50
8 Anywhere Else 00:03:54
9 Baby, Sign Here With Me 00:03:50
10 Rampant 00:04:09
Credit Sort descending Role
Aleksander Kolkowski violin
Henry Badowski bass
Henry Badowski keyboards
Henry Badowski percussion
Henry Badowski producer
Henry Badowski sax
Henry Badowski vocal
James Stevenson bass
James Stevenson guitar
Simon Smart engineer
Wally Brill engineer
Wally Brill producer

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