Howard Alden—Dan Barrett Quintet

Recording Years / Label
1988 -  Concord Jazz
Name Member Years Instruments
Howard Alden 1988 guitar, banjo
Dan Barrett 1988 cornet, trombone
Chuck Wilson 1988 clarinet, alto sax
Frank Tate 1988 bass
Jackie Williams 1988 drums
Name Birth Death
Howard Alden 1958-10-17
Dan Barrett 1955-12-14
Chuck Wilson 1948-07-31
Frank Tate 1943-07-18
Jackie Williams 1933-01-02
Name See associated acts
Howard Alden Dan Barrett OctetWarren Vache Sextette
Dan Barrett Dan Barrett OctetWarren Vache Sextette
Chuck Wilson Dan Barrett Octet
Jackie Williams Dan Barrett Octet

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