Play - Humans

Stock Number
IR 7700
IR 07701-A/B
I.R.S. Records
United States
Released: 1980-3 -18
Recording Notes
Picture sleeve. 4 song EP
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 I Live in the City 00:03:09
2 Play 00:02:41
3 Tracy 00:03:42
4 Pipeline 00:03:22
Credit Sort descending Role
Andrew Bailey producer
Bob Beede engineer
David Larstein keyboards
Eric Gies bass
Eric Gies vocal
Humans producer
Jerome Deupree drums
Jerome Deupree vocal
John Anderson guitar
John Anderson vocal
Jules Bates cover art
Ken Peden engineer
Koert Mahr engineer
Lee Stewart keyboards
Leon Huff producer
Sterling Storm guitar
Sterling Storm vocal
Steve Loveless engineer

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