Janet Jackson - Janet Jackson

Stock Number
D32Y 3038
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1986-8 -21
Recording Notes
Audio Master Plus (AM+) Series
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Say You Do (specially remixed version) 00:06:49
2 You'll Never Find (a Love Like Mine) 00:04:07
3 Young Love 00:04:56
4 Love and My Best Friend 00:04:47
5 Don't Mess Up This Good Thing 00:03:52
6 Forever Yours 00:04:57
7 The Magic Is Working 00:04:09
8 Come Give Your Love to Me 00:05:04
Credit Sort descending Role
Ambrose Price hand claps
Andre Fischer drums
Angela Winbush background vocal
Angela Winbush keyboards
Angela Winbush producer
Angela Winbush rhythm arrangement
Attala Zane Giles background vocal
Barry Sarna synthesizer
Benjamin Wright string arrangement
Bob Brown engineer
Bobby Watson bass
Bobby Watson producer
Bobby Watson rhythm arrangement
Brian Gardner mastering
Chuck Beeson art direction
Dana Meyers background vocal
Dana Meyers vocal arrangement
Darwin Suttle hand claps
Dave Crawford rhythm arrangement
Derrick McDowell hand claps
Earnest Reed guitar
Eddie Fluellen strings
Edmund Sylvers percussion
Foster Sylvers producer
Fred Jenkins guitar
Gene Dozier keyboards
Gene Dozier string and horn arrangement
Gerald Vinci concertmaster
Greg Moore guitar
Harry Langdon photography
Howard Hewett background vocal
Humberto Gatica mix
Ian Underwood synthesizer
James Jamerson, Jr. bass
Janet Jackson background vocal
Jeff Lorber synthesizer
Jerry Hey horn arrangement
Jerry Knight background vocal
Jerry Weaver producer
Jerry Weaver rhythm arrangement
Jerry Weaver synthesizer
Jerry Weaver vocal arrangement
Joey Gallo keyboards
Joey Gallo synthesizer
John Robinson drums
John Stronach engineer
John Van Nest engineer
John Van Nest mix assistant
Kirk Ferraioli assistant engineer
Leon Sylvers, III bass
Leon Sylvers, III rhythm arrangement
Lynn Robb design
Mario Henderson guitar
Melvin Webb percussion
Michael McGloiry guitar
Michael Norfleet hand claps
Michael Norfleet synthesizer
Monica Rhodes hand claps
Nyya Lark assistant engineer
Otis Stokes background vocal
Patricia Sylvers background vocal
Paulinho da Costa percussion
Peggy McCreary mix assistant
Phillip Ingram background vocal
Phillip Ingram keyboards
Phillip Ingram strings
Rene Moore background vocal
Rene Moore bass
Rene Moore hand claps
Rene Moore keyboards
Rene Moore producer
Rene Moore rhythm arrangement
Ricky Smith bass
Ricky Smith strings
Steve Thume engineer
Stuart Furusho engineer
Stuart Furusho mix assistant
Taavi Mote engineer
Tony Maiden guitar
Trevor Veitch contractor
Vincent Brantley hand claps
Wally Traugott mastering
Wardell Potts, Jr. drums
Wardell Potts, Jr. rhythm arrangement
Wendell Wellman hand claps
Will Green assistant engineer

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